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We supply, install, repair and commissioning all classes of fuel dispensing pumps. We also offer tanks maintenance service i.e. painting to storage tanks to combat corrosion , maintenance to installation sites


Tribufin Services (Pvt) is a Zimbabwean company registered in Zimbabwe.The formation of the company was prompted by the need and the desire by the company owners, to support the oil and energy industry which is the real driving force behind the entire Zimbabwean economy.The company though fairly small in terms of market base, it boasts of a very solid, experienced and qualified management team in all administration, technical and operational issue.The company has a stable and reliable fixed asset base and a sound working capital level which gives it the confidence it requires to tackle any job anywhere in Zimbabwe or even beyond the borders of Zimbabwe if required.We have worked with various companies which are Zuva Petroleum (Pvt) Ltd ,Total Zimbabwe Ltd and Zesa Enterprise just to mention a few.

what we do

1. Pump Maintenance Service

  • We supply, install, repair and commissioning all classes of fuel dispensing pumps, e.g.  Submersible pumps, tokheims, gilbarcos, dresser wayne electromechanical pumps and prowalco pumps.
  • In addition to the above services we also do pump calibration to customers’ satisfaction leaving the pumps throwing within the required tolerance as per assize requirements.

2. Bulk Fuel Meter Maintenance Service

  • We supply, install and commission bulk fuel meter calibration the meters to the customers’ requirements. We can also facilitate the advent of Assize certificates by testing the meters in the presence of Trade Measures Inspectors and getting these meters certified / Assized as fit to be used in fuel deliveries.

3. Fuel Tankers Services

  • Repairs to road tanker foot valves
  • Supply and install couplings of all sizes and types
  • Supply and install hoses to suite customers’ requirements etc.
  • Rehabilitation to pipe work and P.T.O pumps and meters on the trucks calibrating them to customers satisfaction

4. Maintenance to Depot Pipework

  • We install product pipes of all sizes to depot infrastructure and fire hydrant pipe work to fuel depots and as well  carry maintenance works to depot pipework i.e. painting to pipework to combat oxidation processes to steel pipes i.e. depot pump houses loading bays and railway sidings.

5. General Plumbing Services

  • Install water reticulation  system to service stations and depot infrastructure i.e fire hydrant system and water for consumption  
  • Installation of sewage reticulation systems to service stations and depot infrastructure as well as deblocking clogged pipework to both oil interceptors ad sewage systems.

6. General Construction Services

  • General construction of buildings, offices, etc . painting of service station canopies/roofs, refurbishment to forecourt surface, in this case all potholes will be resurfaced using bitumen asphalt.

7. Storage Tanks Maintenance Service

  • We offer tanks maintenance service I.e.  painting   to storage tanks to combat corrosion , maintenance to installation sites ( ground reclamation by asphalting to tank bases i.e. in the case of bulk storage tanks),service station forecourt asphalting.
  • In addition to the above mentioned works we also install fuel storage tanks of all sizes and types be it underground storage tanks installation , skid tanks installations and overhead tank installations and in addition to the above mentioned works we also provide advice on the best practices to use to control products losses during storage either a depots or customer sites.

8. Engineering Consultancy Services

  • The engineering design and construction supervision of all fuel installation i.e. depot infrastructure, service station development and commercial customer installations.
  • Project management of the above works as well as carry out any mandatory health safety and environment audits /inspections and recommending works, to your facilities to comply with international and local regulations.
  • Advise on the best practices to use and which international standards/codes used for fuel facilities.
  • Customer education on fuel installations.
  • Simple checklist for daily, weekly or monthly maintenance works, etc.
  • Preventative maintenance programs to depot, service station and commercial installations

about us

Tribufin Services (Pvt) is a Zimbabwean company registered in Zimbabwe in January 2005 in accordance with the statutory requirements of Zimbabwe Companies Act Chapter 24:03

The formation of this company was prompted by the need and desire by the company owners, to support the oil and energy industry which is the real driving force behind the entire Zimbabwean economy.

The company though fairly small in terms of market base, it boasts of a very solid, experienced and qualified management team in all administration, technical and operational issue. The company has a stable and reliable fixed asset base and a sound working capital level which gives it the confidence it requires to tackle any job anywhere in Zimbabwe or even beyond the borders of Zimbabwe if required , recently we have opened two branches in South Africa . one in Pretoria at no. 734 park street contact number   +2779 0700479 and another in Durban at no. 10 Lilly vale drive , Pine town , Durban , contact number +27616 216 363   .

Mission statement

  • To be the petrol industry’s most reliable engineering services provider nationwide at very competitive rates with our quality being second to none.
  • To provide customers with competitive and innovative engineering services of the world-class standards so that our employees will share in the success and our shareholders will receive a superior return on their investment.

Our vision

  • To be a customer focused, comprehensive, regional engineering services group.
  • To promote and develop a pleasant working relationship with our customers /clients base on professionalism and efficiency.

Our purpose

  • To provide a satisfactory and qualitative services in such a manner that both our client and ourselves come out winners thus making us (ourselves and client) equal partners in the business.

Our objective

  • To please our clients through customers satisfaction by implementing ISO 9000 and 9002 programs via environmental and safety progress.

Our values

  • To observe good and corporate governance.
  • To conduct business with integrity.
  • To strive for excellence and encourage innovation.
  • To expect high performance and standards from employees and encourage innovation.
  • To maintain professionalism throughout.
  • To uphold responsibility.
  • To foster the spirit of entrepreneurship
  • To encourage participative management.
  • Continuous improvement is essential to our success.

our work

  • State Procurement Board Minerals Marketing Corporation Of Zimbabwe ( MMCZ) in this project the range of services offered includes preliminary investigations and advice ; environmental and technical feasibility studies ; development planning ; detailed design ; project , management and supervision of construction ; maintenance planning and training .
  • Developed installation morphology diagrams for fuel storage tanks which had to be circulated to the several safety bodies for approval and these local safety bodies comprise NSSA, City Council Health Department, Fire fighting Agencies and the City Of Harare inspectorate department
  • We also had to facilitate the advent of permit from the City Council for the construction and installation of fuel storage tanks and pumps.
  • Supply, excavate and install underground petrol tank and suction line connecting the tank to the fuel dispensing pump and the construction of shed/canopy to secure the fuel storage tanks and pumps.
  • Construct a shed / canopy and install electricity to both shed lights and pumps
  • Construct an all interceptor to the system as required by the Harare city council.

We are a BP accredited contractor and we are currently rendering engineering services to the company and of major highlights are :

  • Chinhoyi Street Service Station – where we rehabilitated a high speed electronic pump hit by a car (accident damaged pump), the scope of work comprises stripping, straightening, spray painting, re- assembling, re-installation and re-commissioning the pump.
  • Kariba Service Station – Where we rehabilitated two high speed electronic pumps, calibrating pumps to customers requirements.
  • TSL (Pvt) Ltd – Where we installed, calibrated and commissioned an electromechanical wayne 12 pump.
  • BP And Shell Pump Service Now FML Energy Zimbabwe –  Where we re-assembled 2 x commercial pumps for bp and shell triangle depot.
  • William Smith and Gourock – Where we rehabilitated 2 x commercial pumps ad ground surface reclamation.

Where we serviced fuel handling equipment for the following sites :

  • Graniteside depot pump rehabilitation and bulk meter service
  • Juru growth point service station where we serviced fuel dispensing pumps both diesel and petrol and calibrated all pumps to comply with the requirement of Assize (Government body which controls all measuring equipment).
  • Dotito service station where we repaired, calibrated pumps and rectifies air lock problems for both diesel and blend pumps by introducing the use of check valves to the dispensing suction lines.

Where we :

  • Repaired a Gibarco mechanical pump register which was not recording , and the mechanical totalizer of the pump.
  • Repaired a diesel mechanical pump not working, calibrating pump leaving it throwing within a required tolerance.
  • Supply and installation of 8cm x ¾” kerbside hose and nozzle on diesel pump including pump overhaul.
  • Supply and install 1x 2 ½” ball valve on Zesa Enterprises bulk fuel tanker.
  • Repaired a diesel pump accident damaged at the filling station, stripping off and panel beating and re-assembling pump and finally re-installation, testing and calibrating pump leaving it delivering well.
  • Supplied and installed 8m x 2 ½” spring loaded delivery hose on fuel tanker.
  • Repaired diesel pump not recording during dispensation process.
  • Refurbishment to depot oil interceptors including removal of slug and trapped oil substances including monitoring the drainage system as  it drains into the City of Harare’s main sewer line .
  • Cretting 31 x fuel pumps which were in transit to South Africa. The scope of work comprises supply of wrapping material and timber boards to build cabinets to secure pumps.
  • Maintenance services to storm water drainage system .the scope of the work comprises the removal of oils, grease particles, pebbles and sand particles trapped in the drainage trenches.

We have done major projects which involves spray painting fuel tankers, supply delivery hose of different sizes and length on fuel tankers , supply and installation of fuel couplings of different sizes , rejuvenating pipe work from UK standards to local standards in accordance with the highway road system , in this case we were tasked with changing pipe work direction side on fuel tankers, supply bulk off-loading meter and its apparatus , repairs to fuel dispensing pumps , repair to tanker foot valves , coupling seals etc. and we are still involved in  supplying technical advises and services to the company.

Supply and install a bulk meter on fuel tanker, the scope of the work comprises supply of fabricate platform for the meter installation, supply and installation of 6m x 3” delivery hose and couplings.

At Harare airport fueling venture a joint venture between BP and Shell now FML , and Total Zimbabwe Ltd and Exxon Mobile we have carried various services such as servicing to aircraft refueling trucks both Avgas and  Jet A1 refueling trucks and also were involved I the installation of pressure vessels to upgrade the system , cleaning of storage trucks both Av gas and Jet A1 to meet the requirement of Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe , and at time we were also assigned to pump out bottomage products to be refilled into the aircrafts during the periods of fuel crisis.

  • Repaired fuel dispensing pumps i.e. supplied and installed new components parts, including pumps overhaul.
  • Pressure tested 2x 13 000 liters petrol tanks and suction pipes.
  • Tested the pumps leaving them delivering or dispensing within the required tolerance.

Where we rehabilitated fuel dispensing  pumps , delivery hoses and nozzles and pump lights for lights for Mufakose service station and Southerton service station respectively.

  • In this project we won the tender for supplying a fuel pump for no 15 Birmingham road, Sourtherton which we supplied, installed and commissioned the pump and tested it leaving it delivering to the customer satisfaction.
  • We also repaired a diesel pump for Rural Electrification Agency new Ardbennie Complex.
  • Supplied and installed couplings and pipes for fuel tankers as required.
  • Supplied and fabricate pipe work and couplings on fuel tankers to suite the local standards.
  • Refurbishment to depot pipework including  painting to all product lines including  refurbishment to all vertical storage tanks at Harare depot.
  • Supply and install 2 x 150 000 liter above ground / skid tanks at Buffalo Rank Airport.
  • Rehabilitation to suction line and asphalt paving to forecourt area at Kentucky service station.
  • Maintenance to 12 x 150 000 liters horizontal tanks including spray painting with zinc , phosphate primer for steel and coating with silver shine aluminum.
  • Painting to product steel pipes with silver paint from rail siding, off-loading pump house, loading pump house, loading bay to COC.
  • Remove old asphalt and quoting to tank bases at Harare deport arm tank.

contact us

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